Taking Valuation

to the Next Level

Principles of OPG


Each client that we partner with will be given our undivided attention to detail and understanding their specific needs.


Regardless of how Big or how Small your company may be, you deserve to have the type of attention that can assist you in your growth and true value.


High level of commitment towards assignments. Staying focused on our goals and determined to complete the assignment at hand.

Inner Strength

Simon Sinek once wrote, you know what you do, you know how you do it, but what you need to learn is WHY you do what you do.

Will Power

The ability to go the extra yard to deliver the best possible outcome.


Every company is different and has different needs, which requires thinking logically and in a sensible manner.

We provide a service that takes a holistic approach to conducting business valuation for small to midsize privately held companies.

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