Buy Sell Agreements

When it comes to business agreements, we believe that Buy Sell Agreements are the most common and yet, the least understood. That being the case, we have found that many buy sell agreements are destined to fail to operate like the owners expect when they need it the most.

We bring analytical resources and over 20 years of experience working with private companies to the business valuation issues surrounding buy-sell agreements and providing educational workshops to business partnerships.

We review your or your client’s buy-sell agreement from business and valuation perspectives and make appropriate suggestions.

This type of review is helpful to owners and their attorneys when creating or amending buy-sell agreements.
We have been conducting recurring valuations for clients for many years – several for more than 20 years.

Often times, buy sell agreements may call for multiple valuators to determine value when a trigger event happens. When an event occurs, it is not uncommon for two or even three valuators to be called on. Through the years, we have been named as the first – second and sometimes third valuator in many buy-sell agreement valuation processes.