Onyx Partners Group understands ESOPs based on years of experience in this space. We provide annual appraisals for ESOP trustees, as well as fairness opinions and other valuation-related services for ESOP companies and financial institutions across the nation.

Working alongside Plan Trustees on behalf of ESOP plans allows us to exhibit our expertise. Based on Onyx Partners Group considerable breadth of industry and scenario experience garnered from hundreds of non-ESOP engagements every year provides comfort in Plan Trustees.

We bring over 20 years of valuation experience to every ESOP engagement. The stability of our group and our long-standing relationships with clients assure consistency of the valuation methodology and the quality of analysis for which we are known.

We are active members of National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO), and our managing partner is a regular speaker on topics related to ESOP valuation. Our managing partner has extensive ESOP valuation experience, providing primary senior-level leadership on multiple ESOP engagements every year.